17 Oct

HP are now two months on from the discontinuation of webOS hardware and were are we now?

Well the CEO of HP has been sacked and a new one has been in place for about a month now. Has anything changed?

Not yet, last week had rumours of movement on a decision on splitting off the group contain webOS, but these came to nothing.

The Touchpad has still got a coming soon for Issue 4 of the “Monthly” Pivot, 17 days into October.

Developers and HomeBrew are still working hard on moving things forward, but HP do appear to be very much in a wait and see mode.

Are they in talks with Amazon for the webOS licenses? It is appearing unlikely, but still there is hope.

I, for one, would love to see something happen, one piece of news that things are happening. However, we have been in this situation before.

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