11 Oct

The Imcomparable is a Sci-Fi chat show and is released by 5by5.

“A weekly show about geeky cultural topics in numerous media, including books, comics, movies, and TV. Host Jason Snell talks with with regular guests like Glenn Fleishman, Dan Moren, Serenity Caldwell, Jason Brightman, Lisa Schmeiser, Scott McNulty, John Siracusa. Hosted by Jason Snell.”

Jason Snell is better known for being the editor of Mac World.

The podcast is now on his 60th episode and seems to be covering some of the same areas as the Ihnatko Almanac from last week.

The guests chat about random topics from comics, book reviews, TV characters and series. They have featured Doctor Who several times, so fans of Doctor Who may find several interesting episodes.

As with all the 5by5 shows the sound and presentation is very good.

On the upside:

  • An entertaining show.
  • Good presentation.

On the downside:

  • Topics are going to be very random.
  • For me there are too many guests on some of the shows.

Overall, this is an entertaining show, it is really just like a few friends chatting about a book they have all read or a TV show they have all watched. If you like being a fly on the wall for this type of chat then you will enjoy this podcast.

Rating: 75%

Average Running Time: 60-70 minutes

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: The Incomparable

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