10 Oct

As you may have guest I am a tech fan, before anything else.

I will buy anything by anyone on one condition, it makes my life easier than it was before.

I have stated this now, as I am sure that the iPhone Critics will call me an Apple fan boy and just giving my opinion as I am with Apple all the way. Not true, but I do like Apple products.

The iPhone Critics have been saying there has been massive dissapointment with the iPhone 4S. However, where I am sitting and the people I have spoke to this is just not true.

To start with Pre-Orders of the iPhone 4S has sold out, which is no surprise and I believe that Apple will have issues keeping up with demand in the run up to Christmas.

For people in the real world the upgrades were almost exactly what we believed they would be. The fast CPU, better camera and the Voice assist (Siri). No real surprises, but what we had been waiting for.

Apple seem to be working to a 2 year upgrade cycle, by doing enough for people to keep upgrading. After all lots of people buy the iPhone on a 2 year contract and why make them upset by releasing something head and shoulders better than their older iPhone.

I am still using a 3GS as my personal phone and the 4GS is the perfect upgrade for me. It is not designed for 4G owners, if they want the better camera and CPU it is up to them, by Apple have designed it for iPhone 5 to be what they are buying next and for the new iPhone 4S owners they are already planning on the iPhone 5S.

I personally think, the critics are disappointed with themselves, as they called the update completely wrong and it did not live up to the hype that they tried to create with it. They came up with wild ideas to get people to visit their websites.

My friends and I are all happy with what the iPhone 4S has to offer and as you can see from the last soapbox it was not a surprise to us and we even got 80% + of the prediction right, which is more than can be said for the critics.

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