10 Oct

Drawn: Dark Flight HD is an imaginative puzzle game released by Big Fish Games Inc. 

“Iris has escaped from the Tower but she still needs your help! Explore the Kingdom of Stonebriar and solve the mysteries of the shadows that prowl its streets in this cinematic adventure game. Enter magical worlds through colorful paintings and meet a host of fantastic characters that will help you on your quest. Only someone with the power of imagination can unravel the mysteries of the three beacons, and save a future queen that will bring hope back to a people!”

The idea behind the game is that Iris has escaped the tower, but now you are trapped within a tower. With the aid of her guardian has been trapped and turned to stone, you need to escape the tower and aid Iris in her quest. Exploring and puzzle solving are the main stay of the game in this follow up to the original Drawn game.

The game itself is fairly simple to play, using the touch interface to tap the item you want to investigate or use. Items of interest are often highlighted with sparkling lights, but not always.

The puzzles range from the simple to the incredibly vague. I had an issue at one part of the game knowing what to do, but being unable to get the interface to react.

The sounds are very good, but it is the graphics of this game that impresses.

The game is free to download and you will be play your way through the early parts of the game, which depending on your puzzle solving ability or how long it takes you to look at the walkthrough on the Big Fish website will take a good while to complete. According to the walkthrough you are playing Chapter 1 to 3 out of the 8 chapters for free. However, the first three chapters only cover about a quarter of the walkthrough.

On the upside:

  • Some great puzzles.
  • Beautiful world.

On the downside:

  • Some puzzles are unclear and no real help from the hints.
  • You will more than likely need a walkthrough to complete.
  • Some issues with getting the interface to react in the way you wish.

Overall, this is a game that just oozes quality. From the beautiful hand drawn graphics to the puzzle themselves. However, for the longevity verses the price of the game  I do not think the price tag of £6.99 can be justified. If you are a fan of puzzle games then play the free part of the game and you decided. If you can do it without using the walkthrough then you will find the price justified.

Rating: 84%

Size: 666 MB

Price (at time of review): FREE (In-App purchase to unlock the full game – £6.99)

Link: Drawn: Dark Flight HD – Big Fish Games, Inc

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