02 Oct

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week, and there has been a lot.

Apple News:

  • Apples iPhone event will be on the 4th October 2011 at 10am.
  • Apples Q4 2011 earning reports due 18th October, so could contain 1st day orders of new iPhone.
  • There are so many iPhone rumours one thing is clear no one knows the truth other that Apple.
  • Apple release iWork Beta 4 and iTunes 10.5.9 to developers with more iCloud integration.
  • Wheel Games for Classic iPods disappear from iTunes. 
  • Mobile Me outages as Apple moves closer to iCloud.
  • Apple to stream iPhone event to UK Covent Garden Store.
  • Rumour: New iPhone expected to ship October 14th
  • Rumour: Welcome to iCloud Emails go out early.
  • Rumour: Apple working towards Music Match for the UK for the Tuesday event.
  • Rumour: Facebook iPad app will launch at Apple event.
  • Rumour: Steve Jobs tried to get Samsung to cut down the copying before suing.
  • Rumour: Will there be a 128 GB iPod Touch as the Classic iPod is discontinued this year?
  • Half of all Smart Phone owners want an iPhone 5.
  • Disney mobile make a Cars 2 app that works with their real world interactive toys.
  • WordPress app finally gets an update option on iPad.

In other tech news:

  • Amazon preview the new Kindles. New 7 inch Tablet “Kindle Fire” gets a lot of buzz – Priced $199.
  • The Kindle Fire will cost Amazon more to build than the sale price – Content sales are vital.
  • Security worries with the Silk browser on the Kindle Fire – Amazon will know and cache every page on the Internet you go to.
  • Kindle Fire is Android based, but for Amazon it is a Kindle Tablet, not an Android tablet.
  • HP’s new CEO Meg Whitman joins the $1 a year group, bonuses based on HPs proformance.
  • New Spotify users need a Facebook account to sign up.
  • Rumour: Samsung trying to make a deal with Apple to get the Galaxy Tab out in Australia.
  • Microsoft looking to earn $444 million a year – From Android licenses.
  • Firefox 7 released.
  • Another fire at Foxconn.
  • Motorola Xoom 2 already in the works.
  • RIM look close to pulling the Playbook, especially as the Kindle Fire is half the current price.
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