26 Sep

Things have changed at the top of HP, but what does that mean for webOS?

The old CEO Leo Apotheker has left HP, after being asked to leave by the HP Board, he had been in the job 11 months and is leaving around $25 million better off after halving the share value of HP and killing off webOS hardware.

Meg Whitman (previously CEO of Ebay who famously purchased Skype for an unknown reason) has taken over as CEO of HP.

In her first announcement she has basically said that nothing is changing and they are moving ahead with all the plans that are in place. They are still considering how to get the best value out of webOS, but it looks unlikely that they will be started hardware again, especially after letting 525 of the hardware staff go earlier this week.

The webOS community are trying to get their message across to the new CEO, but whether she will listen or not is unclear. However, for now at least, it appears that the hardware side of webOS remains end of line.

We can but hope that HP do try at least to use webOS going forward, and can find someone to license the OS, but it would appear the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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