25 Sep

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week, and there has been a lot.

Apple News:

  • Apple Reset their Beta iCloud offering in readiness for iOS 5 release.
  • Apple continue to move away from Samsung as they continue to sue for copying.
  • Apple board member Al Gore confirms iPhones will be out in October.
  • Apple iOS (via Skype) and Lion (PDF Trojan) show security flaws this week.
  • Apple updates Final Cut Pro X and offers 30 day free trial.
  • Apple launchs online store in 4 new countries.
  • Apple donates 9,000 iPad to impoverished schools.
  • iOS suffered an In-App purchase outage, stopping purchases for several hours in the US. 
  • Rumour: Apple event due 5th October (so no September music event this year.)
  • Rumour: Nuance Speech-to-Text in iOS 5.
  • In-App purchases continue to increase.
  • iOS Users are the most faithful.
  • Epic Unreal Engine 3 games coming to the Mac.
  • EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 free for a few days.
  • ShadowGun due for release on September 28th
  • Jelly Defense due for release on September 29th
  • The ZX Spectrum finds a new home on iOS as Elite Systems continue to release more titles.

In other tech news:

  • HP let Leo Apothker go as CEO, and he leaves $25 million better off.
  • HP name Meg Whitman (former Ebay chief executive) as the new CEO.
  • HP say no change of direction, but considering options at the moment.
  • HP lay off 525 employees from the webOS division.
  • Amazon holding a special event on September 28th – Possible release of Kindle 7 inch tablet?
  • Facebook refocus on sharing music and videos – To slow the rise of Google +
  • Rim Playbook production halved again.
  • Rovio Mobile plans to move into publishing games.
  • Android Market place suffers from Fake games giving Android users more to complain about.
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