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Final Fight is a 2D side scrolling beam em up game released by CAPCOM.

“Guy, Cody and Haggar set out to rescue Jessica who has been kidnapped by the violence group ‘Mad Gear’!”

First before I start, if you have played Final Fight in the Capcom Arcade, this is the same game. It can still be purchased in the Capcom Arcade for £1.99. Due to releasing this as a seperate title Capcom have now removed the free tickets within Capcom Arcade so you can play this game, but need to pay 69p for ten tokens (which really makes the Capcom Arcade a waste of time unless you have already played or invested in a game.)

Final Fight is another of Capcom’s arcade classics released in 1989.

The game has you fighting your way through Metro City to save the Major Hagger’s daughter “Jessica”, the action takes place over six areas, which are not huge, but a reasonable size.

As with the original arcade games you can select one of three characters which are either a little slower and do more damage or visa versa.

Capcom have added multiplayer via bluetooth, but surprisingly it does not all someone who owns the Capcom Arcade version to play someone with the stand alone Final Fight.

The gameplay is solid with the control doing a good job.

The game is controlled by a virtual joystick for movement and then three combat buttons to punch, kick and special.

The sound and graphics are both good, they still look and sound reasonable in this day and age, and fans of the original will be happy.

On the upside:

  • Excellent fighting action
  • Multiplayer work well.

On the downside:

  • Showing its age a little.
  • Even with the multiplayer, it lacks longevity.
  • Not a universal app.

Overall, the game has aged fairly well as a side scrolling beat em up, but there have been a lot better titles released since then, so this game will only really appeal to people who played it in the past or lovers of the side scrolling beat em up.

Rating: 72%

Size: 40.9 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.99

Link: Final Fight – CAPCOM

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