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Music Player (Remix) is a music player application and is released by Hedami.

Depending on what you purchased your Touchpad for you may or may not be interested in a music player, especially as a reasonable one is built into the webOS software on the Touchpad.

If you like listening to music on the Touchpad, then you will know that the music player is a little limited, and Music Player (Remix) could be an answer to those issues. 

When you first open the applications you will see all the music that you have already on the Touchpad (after agreeing to let the application have access to your photos and music.) From there you will get all the usual options of artist, albums, songs, genres and playlists to select from.

However, you will immediately notice that this application offers so much more.

There is a Discovery section that can be linked to your twitter and facebook account, so if a friend posts a link to a new song it will be highlighted. You also have integration into Last.Fm if you are a user of that service.

You can set up your favorites in the application, flylists (playlists you can set up and modify on the fly) and even bookmark tracks (useful if it is an audiobook / podcast)

If you leave the application to multitask to another application a mini player will appear in the notification bar allowing you to switch songs and queue the next song etc.

Music Player (Remix) can also be customised with any wallpapers from your photo libraries.

The user interface is very good with lots of options and easy to use. You will have to learn what some of the buttons do, but this does not take long. When a song is playing you can pause it by tapping the album artwork in the middle of the screen and tap again to play, this was the only option I felt was not immediately clear.

On the upside:

  • Nice User Interface.
  • Lots of listening and playlist options.
  • Sleep Timer is useful if you like some music to help you sleep.

On the downside:

  • Not always clear what some of the options do.
  • Mini Player although useful as it is, is just a little confusing on the queuing side (only offers songs in section you are already in (playlist etc), so could be one song or all songs).

Overall, this application is a great way to listen to your music on the Touchpad. The extra options over the standard music player, especially the sleep mode and flylist make it worth the purchase price. If you love your music then this application is well worth greating.

Rating: 82%

Size: 16.6 MB

Price (at time of review): £3.18

Link: Music Player (Remix)  – Hedami

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