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Flick Champions HD is a group of sports mini games released by Chillingo Ltd.

“Are you the next Roger Federer, Ronaldo or Michael Jordan? Put your sporting skills to the test with Flick Champions HD. Choose your nation, take part in eight different sports and become the ultimate sporting god. Play in one-off exhibition matches or take on a tournament challenge to get to the top. Got a friend that thinks they are a better player? Play one-on-one or in a 16 player tournament and find out who the most valuable player really is!”

Flick Champions is a group of eight mini games that all have the similar graphics and game play modes. Some are a bit more action based with you moving the characters and the others are static, with you flicking the character as the ball etc is in there zone.

The eight games are: Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Bowling, Archery, Mini Golf and American Football.

The game starts with four of the sports unlocked and available to play:

  • Football (Soccer): A bit like table football with the ball rolling to the nearest character and then you flicking the ball toward goal. – 50%
  • Tennis: Very basic tennis game limited to best of 5 games. – 60%
  • Basketball: Flick the ball towards the basket, then the opponent does the same. Game over – 55% 
  • Hockey: Move around your half of the pitch. Like Air Hockey, first to 9. – 60%

As you win, draw or lose the games you are given experience. Generally 5xp for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for the loss. The first game to unlock is Bowling that takes 250 xp to unlock, all the way up to American Football that needs 1500xp. So if you win every game you play that could be 300 games before you get the final unlock.

Along the way you get some extra unlock, but these are basically difficult looking balls etc.

I had to drag my way up to 250xp to unlock the bowling, and I did this by playing the basket ball which takes about 10 seconds to play. if I had done it via football or tennis it could have taken an age. The Bowling was reasonable 60% again, but nothing great.

When you play the sports you have the option of exhibition mode or cup. Exhibition worked fine for me, but the cup always failed to start giving the message “You have been eliminated, better luck next time.”

Gameplay wise, most of the games I found dull as you had limited interaction with them, only the hockey game really held any interest for me.

The game is controlled by either by dragging a single player round the playing area (hockey and tennis) or just flicking on a static character (basketball and football). Controls are often strange with something working perfect once and the next time failing all together.

The graphics are pretty average, with stylist blocky characters.

On the upside:

  • More games to unlock.
  • Some extras as you advance (new looking balls etc).

On the downside:

  • These mini games are just pretty dull.
  • It may have been better with all the games unlocked from the start (instead on the in-app purchase).
  • Painful drag to unlock anything of real interest.

Overall, this game is not up to the usual Chillingo standards, the mini games are slightly above average at best and having to pay extra to unlock all the sports, or else drag yourself through the game is just unfair. There are lots of other applications that offer sports mini games, and lets be honest do it much better. I cannot really recommend this one.

Rating: 62%

Size: 55.6 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.99 [plus an in-app purchase £0.69 to unlock all the sports.)

Link: Flick Champions HD – Chillingo Ltd

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