20 Sep

Kami Retro HD is a platform based puzzle game released by GAMEVIL USA Inc.

The idea of Kami Retro is to save the characters who appear within the puzzle and get them to the exit. Think of this game a little like a more action based Lemmings game, as you control by swiping when the character will jump and turn.

The levels will have holes and other dangers to avoid (like man eating plants) and also objects that can help you like springs or fan to make big jumps etc.

Each level, four of these characters will drop onto the screen and make a dash for the exit, you need to guide them past these pit falls and dangerous to reach the exit.

There are various stars to collect on each level, and you are awarded points for the number of characters you got home, the time you took and stars collected.

There are five areas to play through currently and each of these areas has 12 main levels and a bonus star run. So sixty levels in all should keep you playing for a while. You also need to make sure you collect enough stars else the next area will not get unlocked, so you may find yourself replaying levels depending on your original attempts.

The game is controlled by tapping and moving special items around the screen (such as fans and springs) and then you tap to release the first character. As the character runs you can swipe on them to make them jump or turn.

The graphics are retro in style so need made to really impress. However, the blocky graphics give it a cute and unique feel.

This version of the game is almost identical to iOS version, the iOS is £1.99, so not a large difference in price either.

On the upside:

  • Fun and playable platform based puzzle game.
  • Something new added every few levels.

On the downside:

  • Characters are released as another gets safely home, so you need to switch your focus quickly.
  • One miss swipe and you are playing the level all over again. As some levels need five or six swipes per character, this leaves a lot of room for error.

Overall, this is a fun puzzle game that relies a little too heavily on the players reflexes. I think I would have liked this game more if you knew the character would play a little more automatically like lemmings. That said the game is still a great game, I just wish that I did not let the little guys down by forgetting them and them dying.

Rating: 82%

Size: 132.7 MB

Price (at time of review): £2.38

Link: KAMI RETRO HD – GameVil

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