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Family Guy Time Warped is an arcade adventure released by Glu.

“What the deuce…? A master plan gone awry sends Stewie and Brian hurtling back through time in Family Guy™: Time Warped! Avoid roving bands of thugs as you pursue Peter through modern-day Quahog! Rescue Rupert from gangs of ornery cowboys headed by an evil 1850’s Lois! Face murderous centurions headed by the Emperor Quagligula, ruling Ancient Rome with his iron… er, um… fist! All this while being pursued by the relentless Time Police and their robot sentinels, charged with protecting history from bungling time travelers like you.”

The idea behind the game is Stewie has rebuilt his time machine after finding his mother considered getting him adopted, however, Brian tries to stop Stewie, and they are both thrown into time. 

The game allows you to play both Stewie and Brian as they hunt down missing items and people. They encounter all the family members along the way, several being the level bosses. The game is a 2D platform game with you standard left and right, jump and attack buttons. Along the way you collect containers and “bonus” items, that unlock video clips if found. 

The game is rated 9+, but I am not to sure of this one, the clips contain references to sex and violence. However, if you kids have already seen family guy, then these clips are all from the TV series.

The graphics are good and true to the cartoon. The sound is also good, with small sound clips from the TV series, which seems odd at time, as you will have five pages of text, then suddenly some speech, then more text again. The video clips are TV quality.

On the upside:

  • Great for Family Guy fans
  • Love unlocking clips

On the downside:

  • Mixed feelings on the age rating
  • The platform side of things is pretty standard.
  • Attacking while jumping pauses you in mid air.

Overall, this is a fairly good platform adventure and will appeal to fans of Family Guy, however, it is a little bit limited and it is really just unlocking the Family Guy clicks that keep you going. I also think Glu should look at its Touchpad prices as £3.99 for what is the same game as iOS that costs 69p is a little high.

Rating: 72%

Size: 204 MB

Price (at time of review): £3.99

Link: Family Guy Time Warped – Glu

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