18 Sep

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week, and there has been a lot.

Apple News:

  • Apple release Lion v10.7.2 for devs with iCloud integrated.
  • Apple iOS 5 looks like it was be Gold Masters in this coming week.
  • Apple bans Phone Story for iOS. 
  • IBooks now has a twitter account @iBookstore.
  • Rumour: iChat coming to Lion.
  • Rumour: Apple to introduce a way to merge multiple Apple IDs. 
  • Rumour: Apple press conference will be on the 5th October.
  • Rumour: iPhone 4s appearing in AT&T stock listings.
  • Rumour: Samsung may not be making the A6 chips for Apple.
  • ShadowGun coming very soon to iOS – September 28th.
  • Chrome browser updated to support new Lion features.
  • Capcom release Final Fight and a Street Fighter II collection as seperate apps.
  • Gameloft cancel March of Heroes.
  • Square Enix (Final Fantasy developers) team up with Epic to release Unreal Engine powered Demon’s Score. 

In other tech news:

  • Microsoft show Windows 8 (Metro) to developers – An impresive beta.
  • Metros Internet Explorer will not support Flash (just like the iOS)
  • Grid 10 tablet – delayed by Flash10.3 update.
  • HTC President says “iPhones are not Cool .. Kids hate them as their dads have one” – My kids think he is wrong.
  • HP continue look to license webOS, now HTC in the frame, but it looks unlikely.
  • RIM, profits way down and sales of Playbook look to be less than 1/2 million since release.
  • Intel next CPU could extend battery life massively.
  • Admob to remove support for webOS.
  • Windows gets Thunderbolt in 2012.
  • Books publishers hike prices on EBooks to prop up print business.
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