TO-FU 2 [IOS] – REVIEW (87%)

15 Sep

To-Fu 2 is a platform based puzzle game released by HotGen Ltd.

This game is the sequel to the popular “To-Fu : The Trials of Chi”, you do not need to have played the original to enjoy this game.

If you missed the original, To-Fu is extremely stretchy and flys in a direct line from where he is launched. He makes his way through the levels by launching from one platform to the next in order to explore and find the exit (a fortune cookie). There are one hundred levels to explore, and something new added almost every level or so.

On his way through the trials To-Fu, encounters spikes, teleporters, switches and lasers. There are also different floors like glass, steel, wooden and crumbling stone. As you travel through the levels you collect Chi.

At the end of each level you have the chance to get three awards – completing the level, completing in the minimum jumps set and collecting all the chi on the way.

The first 15 levels of the game are tutorials that take you through how to deal with these dangers and also practice your new move this game, the “Super Ping”, which is basically a super jump that can smash through thin wood and move a little quicker.

The game is controlled by dragging To-Fu to his limits and then let go to launch him catapult style. Holding him at his maximum length for a few moments will activate the Super Ping (To-Fu will start to glow.)

The graphics are generally very good with To-Fu silhouetted when infront of windows. The music and sound are good with a not quiet oriential style. If you played the original the graphics are a small improvement.

There is an in-app store that allows you to buy costume packs and themes, the only one of real interest is unlock all levels for £0.69 if you are loving the game, and have got stuck.

On the upside:

  • Fun and addictive platform based puzzle game.
  • Something new on each level which keeps things interesting.
  • Universal.

On the downside:

  • Most levels need to be replayed as it is impossible to get all the awards on the first try.
  • Some of the levels need almost “perfect” aim, with no areas to adjust (Level 12 – Metal Platforms is an example)

Overall, this is a very good follow up to the original game, but really does has a “more the same” feel. The Super Ping adds something new, but the tutorial levels just feel like levels from the original. If you have not played the original then this game is a must have, for To-Fu 1 owners if you loved it and what more, then grab this too.

Rating: 87%

Size: 17.6 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: To-Fu 2 – HotGen Ltd.

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