10 Sep

Video PodCatcher Deluxe is an application for accessing podcasts / netcasts and is released by Kevin Hausmann.

There seems a little confusion over the name, as the application calls itself “VideoCatcher Deluxe”, and the HP App Catalog calls it “Video PodCatcher Deluxe”

When you first open the applications you immediately get a pop up window asking for the URL of your first podcast. These can be video or audio. So off you go to your favorite podcast website and grab the podcast feed (copy link) and then as your go back to Podcatcher the URL is already magically in the pop-up window. Press add, and you should be ready to listen/watch.

If you have Podcatcher Deluxe / Simple PodCatcher then all feeds will be imported automatically.

You can continue to add any podcast you want as long as you have the URL, if you usually use iTunes to control these then you will have to go to the inform within iTune to find the feed URL (or go to the website of the producer.)

One of the biggest drawbacks with this app is the manual adding of feeds, especially due to the issues with the built in browser on the Touchpad, then seems to want to play them or not open them correctly.

Podcatcher offers a three column view. The first column is the list of podcasts you have added (and an image of the selected podcast if there is one.) The middle column is a list of available content within that feed. The right column is used for the details of the podcast itself, so if they offer links etc, you will find them here.

As far as listening / watching options are concerned you can download the podcast to listen to later or can stream direct (without download). When you select to play via stream or download a new card will open and the podcast will begin. This new card uses the standard Music Player built into the Touchpad, so you have all the normal media controls.

Downloaded podcasts / video are held in a download section, and can be listened to and deleted within the application.

The user interface is nice, with a simple and clean layout.

On the upside:

  • Simple User Interface.
  • Easy to add individual podcasts.
  • Downloaded podcasts are nicely controlled within app.

On the downside:

  • I would have liked an in-app podcast / video finder.
  • Would have liked a quicker way of importing podcasts.
  • Screen shots on the HP App Catalog need updating (as video playback opens in a new card).
  • Due to using the built in media player you are not able to bookmark your place if you stop listening / watching

Overall, this application is a great way to get podcasts / netcasts onto the Touchpad. Whether you like to download and listen on the move or streaming via WiFi this app will work for you. If you watch video podcasts regularly then this is a must.

Version: 4.2.7

Rating: 82%

Size: 2.1 MB

Price (at time of review): £3.50

Link: Video Podcatcher Deluxe – Kevin Hausmann


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