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MobileFamilyTree Pro is a full fledge genealogy application released by Synium Software GmbH.

Before I start the review we will be reviewing the Mac Desktop Application that SYNCs with MobileFamilyTree Pro called “MacFamilyTree”. You do not need the Desktop version to use the application, but it is a great companion to it. Check of the review tomorrow and see what options work best for you.

This application is designed specifically to create and edit family trees.

You can create a family tree (or import from the desktop application). I found it easy to get the started, you are given a blank unknown person and you can expand for there, adding details, parters, parents and children.

It is really easy to add the basic details and build up the tree. You can add as much detail as you like from only the surname to their complete history (birth, death, special events and notes on their lives)

You can even add photos that are available from the family tree view and also in a special media section. This works well with the camera roll / photo library if you have pictures on the device.

There are other options like adding sources of information on a piece of data, locations for mapping out where people lived and events that happened in that area. There is even a built in To-Do list for making notes of the next steps in your search.

There is even a quiz that asks you questions on your family, its usefulness depends on your interest and the amount of data you have collected.

This user interface is well designed and easy to use, once you have learned the icons.

There is a non-pro version of this software for £2.99, but it requires the Mac software to SYNC with and is not stand alone, like this version.

On the upside:

  • Well designed user interface.
  • Easy to add people and the slightest detail about them.
  • Excellent options for Charts and Reports, that really impress.

On the downside:

  • Pitch and Zoom does not work on the main family tree, even when some descendants are off the page (large familys with dozens of children), but you can drag the screen, so almost as good.
  • SYNC to MacFamilyTree was not as easy as I would have hoped.
  • Would have linked the option to export some of the reports as PDF rather than HTML.

Overall, this is an excellent application. I was really impressed with the options available to how easy it was to get started. This is a great way to create your family tree and then share it on the move with relatives (especially on the iPad). It is great for doing your research on the move, and for me that make its really useful. If you do not own a laptop, then this is probably the best application you can get and the price is very reasonable compared with computer software that does the same tasks (or less.)

Rating: 90%

Size: 12.6MB

Price (at time of review): £10.49

Link: MobileFamilyTree Pro – Synium Software GmbH

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