05 Sep

With Steve Job stepping down at Apple, a lot of critics are claiming this is the end of Apples golden years and soon (some saying within 18 months) we will see Apples profits declining at a beginning of a slump.

So, Why are they saying 18 months? It is well known fact that Apple have a pipeline of plans that is around 2 years, so Steve Jobs will have influenced these plans to some levels and therefore will still have his “golden” touch.

My feelings are that this is rubbish, Steve jobs was a great CEO, but he is just one man. He has built a great organisation and has an intelligent and creative team in place. They are the ones who built the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. Steve gave the thumbs up in the end, but they are the ones who did the day to day work.

Tim Cook, was the man who has made Apple highly profitable, putting into place deals that allowed the iPad to be sold at $499, were other competitors could hardly build the same unit for $399. 

Apple are famous for prototyping products hundreds of time and taking the best of all the designs for the final product, even without Steve’s vision it is clear that this process will continue and we will still see excellent products coming to market.

You have also got to remember that mistakes were made under Steve Jobs, like the iMovie and Final Cut X launches making experienced users unhappy and the antenna issues with the iPhone 4. However, due to the success of the other products these issues have been overlooked.

Also, you need to consider that Steve is still the Chairman at Apple for now, and will still have an input in what is happening. I feel that during this time the hand over with Tim Cook will continue, and Steve will impart any future plans he had (if any).

I believe that Steve is a great leader with a vision for the future, and hired people who could help him achieve this, these people are still in place and the vision remains. I can see Apple being highly profitable for years to come. The only thing that can stop Apple being profitable is the competition and while many (like Microsoft and HP) continue to “drop the ball” Apple will continue to win hearts and minds of consumers. 

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