05 Sep

ReadMe is an EPUB book reader released by

The application opens to your library page. At first this will be blank, you can click to add files to the application. This will then scan your device for EPUBs and will allow them to add these. I found the best way to get them onto the device was from my computer using to move the files, but you can use the USB and copy them across that way.

Once the books are added you can start reading, click on one of the book and a new card with open with the book inside. There is an auto book mark when you close the card, so the book will return back to the last page you read when you open the card again.

The user interface is fair, it is no Kindle or iBooks, but has the basics covered. Page turn is done by tapping the left or right side of the page, you also have limited control over the text size being able to raise or lower the size. You also have a day and night mode and also an index (chapter select) screen if these are available in the EPUB.

On the upside:

  • Its an EPUB reader.
  • Works fine for reading most titles I owned.
  • Can be used portrait and landscape.

On the downside:

  • Limited functions.
  • Cannot deal with larger EPUBs or Graphic heavy titles.

Overall, this is a good book reader depending on the files you have to read. If you have graphic heavy EPUBS then you are going to be disappointed, however, if you have a collection of 1MB or less EPUBs with limited graphics this application works just fine. The fonts and options are limited, but as it stands this is your best option to read EPUBS on the Touchpad at the moment.

Rating: 71%

Size: 1.7 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: ReadMe

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