04 Sep

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week, and there has been a lot.

Apple News:

  • Apple mislay a prototype iPhone in a bar, again.
  • Apple offers Final Cut Studio again, after the back lash on Final Cut X.
  • Apple airs two new ads for iPad 2.
  • Bono thanks Steve Jobs for his help with the Red charity.
  • Devs get their hands on Apple OSX Lion 10.7.2 and Music Match.
  • Beta of iOS 5 fast tracked to remove steaming in Music Match.
  • Music Match service 25,000 songs maximum.
  • Rumour: Speak to Text heading to iOS 5.
  • Rumour: Security issues with OSX Lion.
  • Spotify offer devs tools to add their steaming music into their apps.
  • Massive amount of Labor day and Back to School sales.
  • iPads continue to replace pilot flight manuals.
  • Financial Times removed from App Store for still offering subscriptions within app.
  • CNN buy Zite App for $25 million dollars.

In other tech news:

  • Amazon 7 inch Kindle tablet coming soon, no frills, but could be under £200 in the UK.
  • HP offering partial refunds to Touchpad early adopters in the UK.
  • HP building more Touchpads in time for October shipping.
  • HP splitting up webOS even more, Software and Hardware will not be seperate (just like Palm before)
  • Samsung CEO says we will never purchased webOS.
  • Lenovo claim that Samsung Galazy Tab sales are very low.
  • Windows 8 designed without Compromise.
  • Only three types of customers in the smart phone market. iOS, Android and the undecided.
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