04 Sep

Camera For Touchpad is a photo tool released by Keen Studios.

This application allows you to take photos with the front facing camera on the Touchpad and then allows you to manipulate or print without having to enter the photo gallery (Camera Folder).

The camera on the Touchpad is only 1.3 MP, but good enough posting a photo of yourself to facebook etc.

The application opens with quick flash screen to say how the applicaton works and then the screen will change to a preview of what the camera is seeing and you have a camera icon in the bottom of the screen.

The developers has also made it so you can use the volume controls to take photos, however the webOS will still pop up the volume changing icons while you do this.

The images are automatically saved into the Camera folder, and you can see previews at the bottom of the screen, however, this only shows the last four photos taken, click on one of these and a new card will open that allows you to browse the photos, delete them or set as wallpaper.

I am not sure why, but the photos I took seemed even more blurry than the ones I took of the same items with the DigiKat app? Maybe just a focusing issue.

The user interface is generally good, just a little limited in scope.

On the upside:

  • Makes the front facing camera useful.
  • Great for Touchpad owners without easy access to a digital camera or computer.

On the downside:

  • Some launch issues, the first time I opened the camera folder did not get created.
  • No built in editing, just the camera.

Overall, this is a nice little application, however for me, if you want to take photos now with your Touchpad then DigiCamera lite is free and does the same thing. This version has the edge on the in-app selection and setting as wall paper, but as it is one click to the photo app it is not a huge advantage.

Rating: 71%

Size: 2.2 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: Camera for Touchpad – Keen Studios

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