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Crimson: Steam Pirates is a turn-based ship combat strategy game released by Bungie Aerospace Corporation.

“In Crimson: Steam Pirates, plumes of black smoke fill the blue Caribbean sky as Thomas Blood’s pirate fleet steams ahead—over, above, and below the waves. On the surface, ships bristle with swivel cannons and lightning guns. Above, zeppelins drip with incendiary bombs. And below, silent and deadly, submarines stalk their targets, torpedoes at the ready.”

This game was designed by Jordan Weisman, creator of the MechWarrior, Crimson Skies, and Shadowrun universes, a very famous game designed in the RPG / Board game world.

The game puts you in command of a pirate ship commanded by Captain Blood, and the single player game follows his adventures.

The game offers the multiplayer and the first 8 missions, then if you will to continue the storyline, you need to purchase the next eight levels as an in-app purchase.

Each mission will have you deployed in an area of sea, and the mission objectives will be laid out (like attack the fort) and you need to navigate your ships to the location and complete the objectives as rapidly as possible. Depending on the crew onboard and the mission you can simply be in combat with the enemy or boarding vessels etc.

The boarding of vessels is done by placing your crew cards into slots, you know how many crew they will be facing, but no idea which one, you are able to look at the other ship before the attack, but no after. The combat is automatically carried out as soon as the cards are placed, comparing the attack power of the crew members.

Multiplayer is on offer in the form of pass and play (no bluetooth or WiFi at this stage), this works well as it is turn based game, so you can both take turns and then watch the actions be played out, and plan accordingly. There is a defence game, were you need to attack / defend a vessel and an all out combat game with several random crew adift on rafts to be picked up and used.

The game is controlled by moving around an outline of the ship, showing speed and movement, and then tapping on the wheel to pull up any powers your crew offer (like repair etc)

The graphics and sound are very good. The mocked up victorian characters adds to the feeling of the Steam Punk nature of the good.

On the upside:

  • Well designed strategy game.
  • Multiplayer offers additional longevity.

On the downside:

  • Not always clear what damage you are taking and doing.
  • Shame the 8 additional levels were not a lower price 69p (as 8 missions is just not enough)

Overall, this is an enjoyable little strategy and the multiplayer can be fun. I would have preferred if the game would have been £1.49 will free content and future updates. Well worth a look if you a fan of turn-based strategy games.

Rating: 82%

Size: 142 MB

Price (at time of review): Free [In-app purchase to unlock 8 more levels: £1.49]

Link: Crimson: Steam Pirates – Bungie Aerospace Corporation 

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