01 Sep

HP have been hitting the headline again and they seem to stumble blinding around trying to work out what they are doing with webOS and the Touchpad.

After selling out of Touchpad’s HP appear to now be rethinking the discontinuation and are looking at making one last batch of Touchpads? Why, more than likely as they are in trouble with their suppliers who purchased thousands of components for future orders and HP pulled the plug without letting them know.

The good news of the story is that there will be a lot more Touchpads on the market and this will give the developers a bigger marketplace and more reasons to stay with webOS.

The bad news is that the Touchpads are only heading to the US market, the UK will not be seeing any more Touchpads.

The UK has already seen HP ignore it for several the refunds that have been given to people in the US, the offer of 60 days refunds and giving vouchers or giveaways to the UK (and Europe). They have been helping the US customer as much as they can, but for us in the UK, we are looked upon as more as an annoyance rather than people to help.

At least there is some good news coming out of HP as webOS continues to be supported, and rumours of another webOS update coming soon. Also we have seen that QuickOffice have released an update that finally allows Creation and Editting of Word and Excel documents on the Touchpad.

The big question is now: Will HP find a buyer for the webOS platform or someone to license it from them. My hope is that Samsung will purchased webOS rather than license and then we will see an future for webOS outside the US market, and hopefully it will get some real international support again, we may even be able to finally get our hands on a webOS phone.

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