29 Aug

Angry Birds Rio HD is a movie tie-in physics puzzle game released by Rovio Mobile Ltd

Angry Birds have returned yet again this time as a movie tie in with the Rio movie by creators of Ice age.

For those who have not played angry birds, then you have a set number of birds to complete a level. You then fire them in order out of a catapult at an angle of your choice into the structures that are protecting the bird cages. Destroy all the bird cages and you have won.

As you progress through the game you will obtain new bird types and most of the bird types have special abilities that you can trigger by tapping the screen.

When you get to the next stage of the game, the game changes from saving the birds to killing the monkeys that are helping the big boss.

Gameplay wise, the levels are fast and fun to play, even if you fail a level you will almost always want to retry immediately.

The graphics and sound are very similar to the original angry birds, with a little bit more polish. They are mainly functional, now iconic graphics.

On the upside:

  • More angry birds action.
  • Lots of levels (around 120 at the moment).
  • A bit more variety in gameplay than the original.
  • Addictive gameplay

On the downside:

  • Slow startup
  • Competiting with the free HD version of Angry Birds (which has more content)
  • Sometimes odd physics (blocks do not fall in the way you think they would).

We have played the iOS version of this game, and the games are very similar in game play and design. The iOS version has more content at the moment, by costs an extra 40p in the UK, so it is about even between the two.

Overall, if you have finished Angry Birds HD and loved it then this game is a must have. This is more of the same, Rio is a full game in its own right with many levels. As much as this is a great game, it is really just more levels of Angry Birds. I like Angry Birds so this was a “no-brainer” to download, if you are unsure play Angry Birds HD first and then decide. 

Rating: 88%

Size: 47.8 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.59

Link: Angry Birds Rio HD – Rovio Mobile Ltd

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