28 Aug

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week, and there has been a lot.

Apple News:

  • Steve Jobs steps down as CEO of Apple.
  • Tim Cook becomes the new CEO at Apple.
  • Apple release iTunes 10.4.1.
  • Apple removes TV rentals from iTunes.
  • Webkit now ten years old.
  • Apple continue to ramp up production for the released of the next iPhone.
  • Rumour: Intel scared that Apple will change over to ARM chips.
  • Rumour: Email phishing attacks for mobileme customer.
  • United Airlines buys 11,000 iPad for its fleet of planes.
  • Evernote receives large update for iOS.
  • OnLive demoed on iPad at GamesCon ’11.
  • Theme Park coming to iOs as a freemium game.
  • Jurassic Park coming to iOS.
  • HogRockets coming soon (from Bizarre Creations team).
  • Peggle HD now available.

In other tech news:

  • HP continues to support webOS, but focus continues on US, as more freebies given.
  • McAfee: Android malware is growing very rapidly.
  • Acer claims the tablet market will be gone by the end of 2012.
  • Samsung continues to have issues selling in Europe (banned or not).
  • Complains of “Crapware” on Android smart phones.
  • Amazon tablet could be $299 and launched very soon.
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