24 Aug

Below are four free applications for the Touchpad.

Differences : 70%

A reasonable spot the difference game, but a bit to picky on selections and some images have differences (due to the photo editing, which are not counted as different.)

Basketmania : 68%

Not a true Touchpad game, it is upsized, but still plays well, and good fun. Several mode unavailable until you get the premium version.

Bubble Birds 2.0 : 61%

This is a free version of Bubble Birds 2.0 Premium, it is not a great advert with crashing, failing sound. The gameplay itself is similar to Puzzle Bobble, but does feel like a cheap clone.

EvaDots Evolved : 56%

Nice and simple action puzzle game, but suffers from slow down when you start doing well, making it unplayable.

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