23 Aug

Spaceblip HD is a mix of Lightbike and Snake released by Under Cloud Games.

This game take the simple idea of snake (collecting objects and getting longer) and light bike from Tron and makes a really interesting little game.

The game offers a Classic mode, Extreme mode and then multiplayer options for 2, 3 or 4 players (sitting around the single touchpad.)

The classic mode you appear above a planet and need to fly around collecting orbs as these are collected the trail you leave behind you gets longer and longer. As you progress alien ships will appear and they will try to fly in front of you leaving small trials of their own. If you hit the trail you lose health, hit five trials without regaining health will end the game.

The extreme mode, the trail you leave never disappears.

In both modes you can collect power ups which will help you, by regaining health and shields. There is also a shrink power up that will half the length of the trail (vital in extreme mode).

Gameplay wise, in the game start slow with you only have a small trail, but soon your trail extends and the first CPU enemy appears, from there things become more difficult.

The controls are done via either a virtual joystick (which can be put on the left or right) or by dragging the ship around with your finger. In Multiplayer all users have their own joystick at the corner of the touchpad screen.

The graphics and sound are both nice, but nothing to outstanding.

On the upside:

  • Fun gameplay.
  • Very challenging in Extreme, making you want to go for more.
  • One of very few games to offer multiplayer options.

On the downside:

  • Wish you could switch off the CPU control ships appearing on Multiplayer.
  • Would have liked to have WiFi or BlueTooth option in Multiplayer.
  • Wish if the CPU ships hit your trial they would take damage / blow up.

Overall, this is a really enjoyable game. It is simple and easy to play, the mix of snake and light bikes works well and is especially good in extreme mode. I think with a few tweaks to controls and multiplayer this could be a must have touchpad game. Well worth picking up at the price.

Rating: 80%

Size: 9.1 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: Spaceblip HD – Under Cloud Games

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