21 Aug

“Pimp Your Screen – Your Device Never Looked Cooler Before” is a way to modify the look of your lock and home screens and is released by Apalon.

The idea of Pimp your Screen is very simple, to allow you to change the look of your home and lock screens on the iPad or iPad by selecting from images (merging frames and effects if you wish) to make the screen you want.

There is some excellent artwork in the application, and there really is something for everyone here. You should be able to find something you have an interest in. You are even able in the custom screen making screen able to add images from your own camera rolls.

On the iPhone this application works perfectly, due to the lack of rotation on the iPhone screen.

On the iPad the application is still very good, but several of the images that is save does have issues when changing between landscape and portrait, with some misalignment on the boxes etc. However, in the main this is not a major issue overall.

The way the game works by building an image onscreen (you can overlay some mock images to get a better idea how it will look) and then when you have created a screen you can save the image to the camera roll. It is then up to you to go into preferences and add the image to your home and lock screen (full instructions are in the application if you are not sure how to do this). It is clear that the application would not be able to do this directly due to Apples sandboxing rules.

You will need access to WiFi or 3G to use this application to download the images available (as the images are not held in the app), this is good as it keeps the size of the application low.

The user interface is easy to use allowing you to browse options.

On the upside:

  • Beautiful artwork.
  • Easy to use.
  • Universal App.

On the downside:

  • Some of the iPad images had layout issues between landscape and portrait.
  • You may lose hours of productivity pimping your screens.

Overall, this is a great little application. It is such a simple idea, but works very well. There is some excellent artwork in the application which I have even used away from the iPad screen. I sent more time using this application than some £0.69 games I have reviewed. This is well worth downloading if you have any interest in tweaking the look of your iOS Device. 

Rating: 85%

Size: 11.6 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: Pimp Your Screen – Your Device Never Looked Cooler Before – Apalon


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