17 Aug

DigiCamera Pro : Still Life is a photo tool released by DigiKat Software Ltd.

(Screenshot taken with the application, as screenshot function does not show camera output.)

This application allows you to take photos with the front facing camera on the Touchpad and then allows you to manipulate or print without having to enter the photo gallery.

The camera on the Touchpad is only 1.3 MP, but good enough posting a photo of yourself to facebook etc.

The application opens with a preview of what the camera is seeing and you have a camera icon in the bottom of the screen to press if you wish to take a photo. There is also a preview slider, so you can switch on and off.

If you have preview off, the photo is saved to the Photo app automatically, however, if you have preview on you will be able to look at the photo before saving. Delete it if it is poor and rotate and print the photo.

Once you save the photo it will enter a “DigiCamera” folder in the Photo application.

The user interface is generally good, however, resizing is difficult to do and there are no real preferences at this time.

There is a Lite version of the application of the application available on the catalog, which has the basic photo function, but none of the preview option, it is also very unlikely to get the video recording option when available.

On the upside:

  • Makes the front facing camera useful.
  • Great for Touchpad owners without easy access to a digital camera or computer.

On the downside:

  • Some user interface improvements needed.
  • Sometimes the application fails to launch, with a spinning icon on screen, close and relaunch fixes.

Overall, this is a great little application that HP really should have added to the Touchpad themselves. At the moment the application is a little limited in functionality, but with the promise of video capture and more to come I think at that stage the price will be more than justified. If you want to take photos now with your Touchpad then DigiCamera is well worth getting, but for some the lite offering may enough for now at least.

Rating: 74%

Size: 18 MB

Price (at time of review): £2.38

Link: DigiCamera Pro : Still Life – DigiKat Software

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