LET’S GOLF! 3 [IOS] – REVIEW (70%)

15 Aug

Let’s Golf! 3 is a freemium sports game released by Gameloft.

Let’s Golf! returns to iOS with all the things that you know and love, but with a new addition. Freemium…

You will get to build your avatar and take them around several interesting and exciting golf course and play multiplayer locally or online with players around the world. There are several game modes to play and enjoy. Well at least you would be able to do all of this apart from one minor flaw…

This is a freemium title and it has to be said one of the worst designed one I has seen in a while, the problem is that you have energy which games down every time you play a hole (win or loss) and when the energy runs out you cannot play another hole until you get the energy back. Energy is regained by one point per hour or by paying for it.

In-App purchase examples:

  • 20 in-game cash = £0.69
  • 400 in-game coins = £0.69
  • Special golf club = 10,000 coins (on average 100 coins per well played hole)
  • 10 points of energy = 10 in-game cash

So with £0.69 you can play 20 holes (around one round of golf if you able to get par or better on every hole), the round of golf takes about 45 minutes.

Gameplay wise, the game plays just like you would expect. Select your club, aim and then tap for power and then accuracy.

The graphics are generally very good with the same style of the previous Let’s Golf! games, just updated.

On the upside:

  • Solid Golf game.
  • Lots of extras and course to unlock.

On the downside:

  • Very poor Freemium design with energy per hole played.
  • Slow loading
  • A little jumpy at times. Especially on low memory.

Overall, if this game cost me £4.99 and had no in-app purchases I would have been a lot happier, as the game itself is solidly designed and plays well. However, Gameloft have just made some poor decisions on the way the Freemium is implimented. Even if you purchase cash for £0.69 you will not be able to play for an hour. Gameloft really need to either redesign the pricing (like 100 cash for £0.69) or release a full priced version of the game.

Rating: 70%

Size: 712 MB

Price (at time of review): Freemium (with in-app purchases)

Link: Let’s Golf! 3 – Gameloft

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