14 Aug

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week.

Apple News:

  • Apple becomes the largest US company passing Exxon Mobile.
  • Apple start email alerts when an app is downloaded to a new device. (To help prevent fraud).
  • Apple release OS X Lion recovery tool.
  • Apple emptied stores during the London Riots.
  • Rumour: Is Apple trying to push up the prices of ‘A-List’ applications?
  • Rumour: Apple working on Fingerprint resistant iDevices.
  • Gizmondo will not face changes over stolen iPhone 4 prototype.
  • Interactive Hitchhiker’s Guild to Galaxy coming to iOS.
  • Pocket Gods hits 40 (version 40 that is).
  • Zombie Smash gets cheaper and Multiplayer.
  • Galaxy on Fire 2 – coming to the Mac.
  • Amiga classic – Defender of the Crown comes to iOS. (Emulated)

In other tech news:

  • PM David Cameron asks for social networking to be shut down during riots (like Egypt then?)
  • Tablet makers may have been luck focusing on Europe rather than US (Apple has that market tied up.)
  • HP cut the price of the Touchpad (£333 16GB, £399 32GB) for the long term.
  • HP Touchpad Go – 7 inch model enters FCC testing.
  • Amazon release Kindle Cloud Reader (US only at this time)
  • Galaxy Tab – banned in Europe
  • Marco Arment (Creator of Instapaper) compared tablets sales on non-iPad devices to obscure game consoles of the past. The Blackberry playbook has sold less than the Philips CD-i.
  • Ninendo investors want to see Mario on iDevices.
  • Nokia confirms no N9 in the UK.
  • Is Android still Open? Google claim Yes and No.
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