14 Aug

FaceFighter Ultimate is a fighting game released by Appy Entertainment, Inc.

If it has a face, you can fight it … any photo becomes a custom FaceFighter foe in seconds. Trade punches, blocks, and kicks with your opponent — blacken eyes and knock out teeth with comical cartoon attacks. Punish your foe with crazy weapons like wrenches, then drop a boulder on your opponent with an “Immortal Judgment” finishing move.

FaceFighter has been around for some time now, but we have never reviewed it. With the release of version 3 being almost a complete rebuild of the application we decided to review it now.

The original free version had you creating a custom fighter (from a photo) and then beating them up. Apart from that opinions were limited. However, now with this update you can now have more than one custom fighter and select backgrounds, enemies to fight, weapons and finishing moves.

The game does this but giving you gold for fighting and when you finish combat you will be awarded gold for winning, using finishing moves etc. Gold is also awarded for regular play and can be purchased via in-app purchases (ranging from £1.49 for 17,000g to £17.49 for 260,000g.)

You will likely win around 250-500 gold per fight, depending on finishing moves and weapons used. Some items in the game are fairly cheap (800g for a background) and some expensive (Fish weapon 21,700g) So you will be able to unlock a lot of things by just fighting a lot, but some will really need an in-app purchase if you want to get it.

Gameplay wise that combat is good, but a little repetitive. Pulling out your special weapon or using your Judgement finishing move adds to the fun, but does grow old after a while. 

The game is controlled by using the four virtual buttons to punch, kick and block.

The sound and graphics are both good, with some nice effects.

On the upside:

  • Fun creating custom fighters and beating on them.
  • Some very funny weapons and judgement attacks.

On the downside:

  • As unlocking slows down, the novety begins to wear off.
  • Repetitive fighting, best in small doses.
  • Some unlocks are just too expensive to hope to get in free play.

Overall, I find FaceFighter a fun little game, but even with all the unlockable is a bit shallow gameplay wise. It is best to play in small doses and when a family, friend or boss has annoyed and then create a new custom fighter. As it is free you really cannot complain, just download it and take your agression out in a safe way on an opponent of your selection, just do not expect to get all the unlocks.

Rating: 76%

Size: 34.1 MB

Price (at time of review): Freemium (With In-App purchases for Gold.)

Link: FaceFighter Ultimate – Appy Entertainment, Inc.

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