12 Aug

Viewster (BETA) is a video rental service app released by Viewster AG.

To be honest we had no intention of reviewing this application, as you know we try and only bring you the best applications available, but again HP put this application front and centre on the last issue of Pivot.

It appeared in the first Pivot, we downloaded, laughed and then deleted, believing that HP put it there until a better deal was in place.

However, it is back again on Page 6 and the first app you are offered in the August Pivot, so it looks like HP are basically pushing this application as the best way to download video to the Touchpad at the moment, especially for users without access to a computer.

The application allows you to search through the videos they have available, watch trailers and download if you wish.

The catalogue allows you to look at highlights, genres, favourites or do a full search for the site.

You will need to create a login to download full movies, and you are taken off to the viewster website to do this.

With you account created you are ready to go… Well in my case not quite. Yesterday during most of the day the application was completely off line and now working. We sent an email to Viewster to ask if there was an issue, but still at the time of review received no reply.

Last night the application was back and working, so we explored the site, in all we found less than 200 movies and some genres having 5 movies or less (music, kids, westerns). The films themselves are old, from the 1940-1960s. There are some newer films, but these are documentaries, “staight to video” and foreign language films. We tried to log into the account to download a full movie, but the application was no having it, and said invalid login even though the login was working perfectly on their website?

The user interface is poor with the films lists crammed into a small side bar. Searchs are OK, but do not make use of the main screen area at all.

On the upside:

  • Trailer playback is reasonable in full screen.

On the downside:

  • Application needs improvement.
  • Lack of content.
  • Application auto filtered to 12 years old to stop you seeing all the movies available.

Overall, this application being the lone movie rental option on the Touchpad in the UK is a big disappointment at this stage. I can only pray for improvement in the future. As the service is still in BETA we will give Viewster another look when the BETA period ends.

Rating: 24%

Size: 3.2 MB

Price (at time of review): Free (with in-app purchases for rentals)

Link: Viewster

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