11 Aug

Cut the Rope: Experiments HD is an addictive puzzle game released by Zeptolab UK Ltd.

Om Nom is back in this follow up to Cut the Rope. This time he has been found by a scientist who is studying this friendly little creature that mysteriously arrived outside his house. Intrigued by Om Nom’s insatiable appetite for sweets, the Professor puts him through a series of experiments.

This look and feel of the game is very similar to the original game

You are placed into the role of the scientist that is testing the cute frog type creature Om Nom who he has found outside his home in a box. You need to feed Om Nom with the candy that has been placed in your experiments trying to collect the three stars that are available within the test.

There are three sections of experiments (with more coming) that have 25 experiments within each (totalling 75 levels at present).

If you collect enough stars you will be able to move onto the next set of experiments.

The gameplay moves away a lot from cutting ropes in later stages, so it is almost a shame that the name has to remain “Cut the Rope” (for marketing reasons) as it is no longer a mainstay of the game. I am happy with these changes and they work well. Timing again is key in the gameplay, so the levels are a mix of reaction testing and problem solving.

The graphics and sound are both nice with the main creature being so cute (in a strange way) that you want him to get the candy, and you feel sorry for him when the candy falls off the screen.

On the upside:

  • Addictive gameplay, cause you want to give a level one more try to get the three stars.
  • Just enough extras added as you progress to stop the game getting repetitive.
  • More interaction with the interface as the original.

On the downside:

  • You will end up losing hours of your life to this game.
  • A little easier than the original, so feels shorter. (finished the 75 levels in 2 hours with 194/250 stars)

Overall, this is an excellent puzzle game. It is a wonderful sequel and get fun to play. The game is a little short at the moment, but you do have replayability going back to get more stars. I am looking forward to the new content when it comes.

Rating: 90%

Size: 19.5 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.49

Link: Cut the Rope: Experiments HD – ZeptoLab UK Limited

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