07 Aug

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week.

Apple News:

  • Apple release iOS5 beta 5 to developers.
  • Apple stops developers from selling their iOS 5 beta slots.
  • Apple release Xcode 4.1.1 – makes use of beta updates.
  • Apple TV gets a big update adding iCloud and TV show purchase support.
  • Apple start to roll out 90 sec song clips on iTunes internationally.
  • iCloud prices unveiled – 5GB: Free, 15GB: £14 a year, 25GB: £28 a year, 55 GB: £70 a year. 
  • Rumour: Mac OS and iOS to merge in the future.
  • Rumour: Apple to launch iTunes Replay.
  • Rumour: iPhone 5 (Between Sept 15 and Oct 1)
  • Square Enix have a (up to 50%) sale
  • Microsoft OneNote now available outside the US.
  • Rage HD gets iPad 2 optimization.
  • Cut the Rope Experiments released.
  • Gun Bros now includes a gun that costs £350 in real money.
  • Skype released for iPad.

In other tech news:

  • HP cut the price of the Touchpad (£333 16GB, £399 32GB), offers $50 app catalog credit to early adopters in US, but nothing currently to international buyers.
  • webOS 3.0.2 now out for Touchpad, several improvements made.
  • Pre 3 could be coming to the UK in September.
  • Google getting into trouble over copyright infringements.
  • Console developers and manufacturers looking at the advances in mobile gaming.
  • Android has another run in with Malware.
  • Twitter improve web interface.
  • Developers complain of Amazon’s free app of the day policy. No revenue and more work.
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