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Bug Heroes Quest is a twin stick combat / rpg game released by Foursaken Meda.

Bug Heroes Quest is a spin-off of the original Bug Heroes game. If you have played that game you immediately recognise the characters and the skills they process.

The two games are very similar in design and gameplay, but the Quest game is more storyline based and plays a lot like many online RPG games, with speaking to people and completing quests.

The world that your characters will explore is based around a house, yes, that is right in Bug Heroes, you have no main character, you switch between heroes as the storyline progresses.

The game starts with you in the Garage of the house, for the first three sections you will be playing a sword wielding Spider. Then when you complete these you move outside the house and take on the role of a beetle, on so on.

As you play out the quests you will gain experience which can be used to improve your characters, such as health, damages and other special abilities. Along the way, you will also find equipment and learn special abilities.

The storyline works towards what the characters are doing and why they are joining the over arcing story.

The game is controlled by the twin sticks, the left for the move, and right for the weapon. There are also buttons on a side bar to the right for any special abilities you obtain. 

The graphics and sound are very good, the graphical style works really well.

On the upside:

  • Fast paced combat action.
  • Lots of upgrades and equipment to obtain.
  • Universal
  • Lots of quests to complete.

On the downside:

  • Map overlay is too defined blocking the action, and objectives are often unclear.
  • Auto talking to other characters can be annoying, especially if you get close to them during combat.
  • The game is tough and you will die (a lot) if this happens to the end of a section you will need to play it all again, which sometimes takes 10 minutes, and then die again before then end. 

Overall, I enjoyed this game, it is a solid twin stick combat / rpg game, however, the rpg elements (other than the quests) are little more than the original. I found the game harder than the original and due to the nature of the design of the quests, you could end up playing the same quest three or four times to complete it (at least the experience is not lost when you die.) This is great twin stick game for those who like a storyline and longevity. With a few tweaks this could be one of the best twin stick games out there.

Rating: 80%

Size: 106 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: Bug Heroes Quest – Foursaken Media

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