03 Aug

Paper Mache is an Instapaper client released by Ryan Watkins.

NB: You need to be a paid Instapaper subscriber in order to use this application.

When you open the app you will be asked for an Instapaper log in and does to its credit warns you about needing to be a subscriber.

Once opened the application will start an immediate sync with Instapaper and within a few seconds (depending on the number of articles you have stored) will be pulled down (including any folders that you have set up)

The article allows you to easily and cleanly view and navigate the articles you have stored. You can tap the article to view it and hold your finger for a second to get a dropdown list of options to move the article, delete or like etc.

Preferences can be used to modify theme, font sizes and how you sort and delete articles as well.

The user interface is excellent. I have the offical Instapaper application on the iPad and I found this application nicer to use. As it shows the number of articles in sections from the side bar and the display of the articles is clean and includes images nicely.

On the upside:

  • Excellent User Interface.
  • Easy to set up.

On the downside:

  • Needs you to be an Instapaper subscriber to use.
  • Lack of search option within the application

Overall, this is an excellent Instapaper client and have to say is better than the official Instapaper application for the iPad. If a search option could be added then it would be even better. If you are an Instapaper subscriber this applicaiton is a must have and you would be crazy not to download it. If you use Instapaper at all, then it is well worth consideration, after all $1 a month for the Instapaper service is not much.

Rating: 86%

Size: 3.8 MB

Price (at time of review): Free (Requires you to be an Instapaper subscriber which is $1 a month.)

Link: Paper Mache – Ryan Watkins


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