02 Aug

Overnight WebOS 3.0.2. was rolled out as an over the air update for the Touchpad.

Luckily, one of our reporters was awake to see it happen and even tweeted his findings.

This is a must have update for all Touchpad users as it fixes many of the minor issues that have been making the Touchpad less enjoyable to use.

The update includes the following improvements:

  • Calculator App added
  • Clock App (with alarm clock) added.
  • Fixed deletion of apps issue, that cleared data from other apps.
  • Fixed screen rotation issue.
  • Improved preformance.
  • Improved Auto Correction
  • Improved Email
  • Improved Photo & Video App*
  • Improved Skype calling
  • Many Bugs Fixes

* We have found a new bug in the Photo & Video app that making images saved from the web continually refresh and not appear fully, but the App overall is much improved.

It is good to see HP deliver on one of its promises (if a day or two late). Now all I need is to be able to edit word processor and spreadsheet documents and have access to my kindle books and I will be a very happy Touchpad user. 

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