30 Jul

Silent Ops is a stealth / over the shoulder shooter released by Gameloft.

Join a secret organization that is present everywhere, protecting us from the invisible threats of the 21st Century that other agencies aren’t equipped to handle. They employ only the best agents and the smartest technology, but they aren’t the only ones… 

The first thing I noticed when starting to play Silent Ops was the story line was very similar to another of Gameloft’s games Shadow Guardian and then when I started to play it felt a lot like another of their games Splinter Cell Conviction. There are even quick time sections out of 9mm. For most of the game it does feel that the developers have just “Cut and Paste” between several of their existing titles to come up with this one.

The game offers a single player campaign, this contains 7 levels of story, which to be honest is very short, even shorter than 9mm. The campaign missions are very linear with very limited stealth invested, it is mainly running into rooms and killing people. The fights are intermixed with cut scenes and “quick time reactions tests”.

The cut scenes are unskippable and the AI in this game is just plan dumb half of the time, I stop in a corridor with my back turned completely to a bad guy for almost 10 seconds, in this time it did not move and shot me once.

Multiplayer is available via Online play, WiFi and Bluetooth. However, I found the experience nothing on Gamelofts other game. It really does feel like an afterthought with small “camping” maps and no selection for the character skin etc. Even the Next onscreen button is hard to active.

The game is controlled by your usual virtual joystick for walking and swiping to look around. Then there are areas to switch weapons, fire weapons and run.

The graphics and sound are generally good with the usual gameloft engine powering it all. Basically everything look good apart from in close up. This is lots of nice, but unskippable FMV.

On the upside:

  • Excellent FMV and cut scenes.

On the downside:

  • Mixing things that are good on their own, to come up with something very average.
  • Dumb AI – Don’t just stand there… shoot me, move or run, just do something…
  • Minor Bugs (like slidding backwards down stairs while shooting)

Overall, I think this is the lowest mark I have given a Gameloft game to date, it is not so very bad, and some people will get enjoyment from playing it. However, it is a bit too much like the other Gameloft games that have been released to date, and all of them have been better. 9mm managed to save itself with the multiplayer game, but Silent Ops fails to do even that. If some of the issues like dumb AI and improvements to the Multiplayer could be made. 

Rating: 70%

Size: 657 MB

Price (at time of review): £4.99

Link: Silent Ops – Gameloft


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