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StarFront: Collision is a Real Time Strategy game (R.T.S.) and is released by Gameloft.

The game puts you into the middle of a war on the planet Sinistral, where three races are fighting over the rare Xenodium crystals. The campaign mode puts you firstly in command of the Consortium (human) troops [level 1-8], then you unlock the Myriad (insect / bugs) [level 9-13] and then finally the Wardens (robots) [level 14-16] .

As well as the campaign mode, you can play skirmish missions against an A.I. opponent, using one of seven maps and the ability to select between the three races.

There are also multiplayer modes both locally (wi-fi) and via the internet. This allows up to four players on the same game map.

The basics of the game, is your need to mine Xenodium and gather power, these are your two resources, and they can run out forcing you to move onto another location. You have a main base to start your building from, and then you can build several other building including barracks, sentry guns, air bases and factories.

The game is mainyl controlled using the mouse, but there are a few keyboard presses that can be used to help speed some things up.

The graphics and sound are excellent. You are able to zoom in and out on the battle field so you can find the size of display that works for you.

The Mac version of the game has several benefits over the iOS version with the ease of selecting groups with the use of the numeric keys and being able to pin-in areas on the map more quickly. There are some nice options for video display size and quality of the graphics so if you have a lower spec video card you can adjust quality to speed for what works best on your machine.

On the upside:

  • Well designed user interface.
  • Good single player campaign and skirmishes.
  • Excellent multiplayer

On the downside:

  • Using pan (cursor keys) and then scrolling with the mouse can seem to confuse the game engine at times.
  • Slowdown when a lot of things on screen at once, especially on my lower spec iMac.
  • AI is a little dumb at times.

Overall, I have to say that Starfront: Collision is probably my favorite R.T.S. game (which I have said in the past that I am not a big fan of.) I am happy to see it now on the Mac, and the conversion has been excellent and changed to make use of the mouse and keyboard well. If you are a fan of R.T.S. games then it is a must have, but you may need to check the specs of your machine or be willing to lower the quality of the graphics.

Rating: 91%

Size: 2.18 GB

Price (at time of review): £6.99

Link: Starfront: Collision – Gameloft

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