26 Jul

Deadlock: Online is an online twin stick shooter released by Crescent Moon Games.

This game has no storyline as such, it is purely designed as an online game in the same way as some of the first person shooters like counter strike on the PC or like Eliminate Pro for iOS.

There is an offline mode in the game, where you can play the online modes against bots in order to practice your skills. However, you gain no additional experience or weaponry in the game for playing the offline mode.

The online side of the game is the big selling point of the game. You are about to play with up to seven other players to play one of the modes available, these include:

  • Death Match – a free for all, where everyone is the enemy
  • Team Death Match – teams of red and blue try to eliminate as many of the opposition as possible.
  • Capture & Hold – Change the flags on the level to your teams colours and try and hold them.

As you play these modes online over a selection of five maps, you will gain unlock points. These unlock points can be used to purchase new weapons and armour.

As you gain your first unlock point, you will realise why the game is free, unlock points are slow in coming and the better weapons cost 7 to 10 unlock points. Even after two hours of online gaming I had only 3 unlock points.

You can spend real world money to buy more unlock points to get the weapons and armour you want.

Gameplay wise the game is fun to play, with lots of fast and fun twin stick action and some tactics needed in the capture & hold mode.

The game is control by using the now standard twin stick method, a virtual d-pad under one thumb and a 360 degree gun under the other. You can also throw generades by pressing the icon and then pulling in the direction you wish to throw.

The graphics and sound are generally good, being more functional than outstanding. However, I was not keen on how the looks of my character kept changing to another character, which was a little confusing.

On the upside:

  • Solid twin stick shooting
  • Plays well online (most of the time)

On the downside:

  • At other times there is bad lag…
  • I was killed by a character that was two rooms away with no line of sight.
  • The game crashed on me twice while playing online.
  • Too much of a push towards spending real world money to get anywhere in the game.

Overall, this is very good twin stick shooter. The online gaming generally works well, but still has issues at times. The in-app purchases makes the game a little unbalanced, as a novice player with some cash can enter the game fully armoured and with the best guns, against you with no armour and an SMG. I feel with a little time to sort out some of the lag issues this could be a must have online game.

Rating: 81%

Size: 39.4 MB

Price (at time of review): Freemium

Link: Deadlock: Online – Crescent Moon Games


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