25 Jul

Dream Track Nation is a mix of tilt racers and puzzle game released by Chillingo Ltd.

Your chicks have rumbling tummies and it’s up to mommy and daddy bird to feed them an extra big helping of worms—yum! It’s not going to be easy though, since you left the nest someone has come along and put in a bunch of crazy and dangerous obstacles.

This idea of the game is to travel through an area and reach the finishing flag to complete the level. The path to the flag is not so simple. The travel has holes, loops and jumps. Some tracks wrap around looking more like a sonic the hedgehog game rather than a driving game. There are power ups to collect along the way that help you jump or ignore gravity.

There are several stars to collect along the way. On most levels if you miss a star or two it is not an issue, but if it is an unlock level (moving onto a new stage) then you will need to make sure you get all of the stars.

The main section of the game has three area with 20 levels in each (60 levels in all). This is not all, you have a time trial mode for all of these. Multiplayer is also available over GameCenter. You can also build you on tracks and play custom built levels that have been shared by other people.

The builder is a little on the basic side, but does the job well, allowing you to add and remove things easily. It will take a while to build a good level, but as you can save and come back to this, it is not a problem.

The game is control by touching the left of the screen to reverse and the right to go forward. You can also tilt the device to rotate the vehicle.

The graphics and sound are nice, with cute graphics and a bouncey sound track.

On the upside:

  • Fun to play
  • Lots of longevity with a track builder and being able to play other users tracks.

On the downside:

  • Some of the levels (1-10) which unlocks the next stages are annoyingly difficult.
  • Power-ups can be a hinderance as much as a help, depending on how you hit them (throwing you off the track and to your death).

Overall, this is a great little game with lots of do in addition to the basic story mode. The game is often enjoyable and fun to play, but some of the levels can be just be annoying (such as 1-10). This is well worth the purchase price, and hopefully with a few tweaks can remove some of the annoying parts of the game. This could be a real classic with a few tweaks.

Rating: 83%

Size: 17.1 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: Dream Track Nation – Chillingo Ltd


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