24 Jul

One Man Army is a twist on your standard defence game released by Chillingo Ltd.

The Earth is a desolate place, and the few remaining safe human settlements are under threat from a mutant invasion. You stand alone against the onslaught!

The game opens with a bit of storyline in text and then you go straight into the levels with the forest section which has you learning the ropes (using weapons, towers and upgrades etc.)

There are 6 main locations, that appear to have six levels in each (36 levels in all). During each level there will be several waves of attacks. There is a very short rest period between each wave (a good time to build or upgrade towers) as you are often shooting at the oncoming hordes during the wave itself.

The game has you defending a cave enterance with other survivors inside (your five lives) you need to shot the oncoming mutant hordes from your bunker and set up turrets and other defences as cash allows. You weapon will overheat if you keep firing, so you need to make sure you stop firing at the right times. You will get cash for each mutant that you kill. As the game progresses you get between defenses and weapons available.

There are a few “power ups” on the way, little barrels you can explode by holding for one second for massive damage, however, during this time you are not firing at the hordes and then can get a long way in one second.

The game is controlled selecting a weapon and aiming it at the enemy to shoot, you can also add turrets etc if you have the money by tapping the build button and then tapping one of the locations it can be placed.

The graphics and music are both good. The graphics have the feeling of a desolate world, but this means lots of dull and colourless backgrounds.

To be honest, I found this game too hard. Cash did not transfer well between levels. The gun overheated too quickly and the generades were in-effective. You will be sending precious seconds switching weapons, setting up turrets or exploding barrels unable to fight the horde as you tried to get the UI to do what you needed.

On the upside:

  • A nice twist of tower defence.

On the downside:

  • Not a very original game (have been others with an active hero and “towers”.)
  • No pause when you build, so if you are shooting enemies, you have to stop shooting (best build between waves)
  • Need to be very careful with cash management (upgrade have have no cash on 1-3, and have no cash for turrent on level 1-4 making things impossible)
  • If you want to shoot accurately you finger/hand will be over the action most of the time.

Overall, this game is a good tower defence game, but has too many flaws to make it a great. It needs a few tweaks to the gameplay to improve things, like it auto-selling turrets for cash in the bank for the next stage. Hopefully there will be an update soon and we will take another look then.

Rating: 71%

Size: 39.9 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: One Man Army™ – Chillingo Ltd


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