22 Jul

Glimpse is a multitasking widget application and is released by Inglorious Apps.

Glimpse is a Touchpad App designed to maximize your productivity by allowing you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, using a unique (customisable) split-screen interface. The App comes pre-loaded with some core mini-apps (also called widgets) which you can run on any of the split screens.

When you first open the applications you see a three frame view with three of the widgets open. You can then select the widgets you wish to place in these locations.

There are currently 13 widgets available, these are: 

  1. Calculator
  2. Calendar
  3. Converter (weights and sizes)
  4. Doddle
  5. Notepad
  6. RSS
  7. Short Cuts
  8. Stop Watch
  9. Tasks
  10. Twitter
  11. Weather
  12. Web
  13. You Tube

From the preferences you can switch on and off frames, so you only have one or two frames instead of the three. The two frames is useful if you are using something like notes and web browser together. There preferences also allow you to hide unwanted widgets so they do not show in the selector (if you have no interest in weather or conversion widgets you do not need to scroll past them.)

Some of the widgets are excellent and would be worthwhile buying as applications themselves. Others are basic, but functional. Only the converter widget feels limited.

The user interface is well designed with lots of options to change things that work best for you.

On the upside:

  • Excellent user interface.
  • Great for research.
  • A good selection of widgets with more promised (but may come at additional cost)

On the downside:

  • Some widgets could do with improvements.

Overall, this is an excellent application and the developers have clearly taken some time and effect thinking about the options that users will want. It is certainly worth the price and always you to do a lot of things that the Touchpad cannot do at the moment (Calculator and Basic Task management). This is one of the best applications I have used on the Touchpad so far, and puts a lot of similar iPad applications to shame. Hopefully more widgets will be added in the future for free or a reasonable fee.

Rating: 90%

Size: 7.3 MB

Price (at time of review): £3.99

Link: Glimpse – Inglorious Apps

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