20 Jul

TuneIn Radio is a radio streaming application and is released by TuneIn Radio.

When you first open the applications you are asked to set up an account or log on. If you do not have an account then it is best to visit the website to create an account as the account creation process within the application has a bug that stops it working (for non-US users – asks for a zip code).

Once you have an account and signed in, finding radio stations is simple by using location services to get local stations and you can also search for stations. There are even some recommended stations to try if you do not care about the radio you listen to.

The application plays back the radio well, you can pause it any time within a footer bar in the application.

The user interface is good, but needs a little work. You sometimes have to scroll through dozens of radio stations and the information shown can end up with four or five radio stations that have the same name and description, needing you to dig deeper for details. Search works, but brings back radio stations that are not supported.

On the upside:

  • Reasonable selection of local radios found with location services.
  • Easy to set presets.
  • It is Free.

On the downside:

  • User interface could do with some tweaks.
  • Sometimes sticks while buffering radio.
  • A few small ads (to support the free app)

Overall, this is probably the best free radio streaming service available on the Touchpad. The app is a little slow and limited, but it does the job, especially if you like to listen to the radio in the background while to work. Well worth a try.

Rating: 70%

Size: 3.4 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

 Link: TuneIn Radio

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