19 Jul
If you are a Touchpad user you are probably aware by now that you should not delete applications from your Touchpad until the OTA update to fix a bug with the webOS. However, we have now found that the bug has even effected our reviews, making us give a lower score then the developers and the application deserved.
After speaking to several developers about issues with Applications we have managed to determine that some of the issues we have been having with their applications is due to the app deletion bug on webOS.
This means that several preference options that should have been available are missing which makes there application look incomplete. Also, there have been cases of lost data in the application, also caused by this issue.
Therefore, we are going to place updates on these webOS applications to say that the score as been affected by the bugs with the operating system, and we will change their ratings when the apps can be updated to restore data.
Applications affected are: SecuStore 2 and DigiTask Pad, both of which will receive higher scores once the issues with webOS operating system are resolved with the over the air update.
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