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iDiniBook is a book / reference guide on dinosaurs and is released by Alberto Polo Roldan.

The book contains the profiles of hundreds of dinosaurs covering all the eras and probably all dinosaurs discovered to date. All the favorites are covered including T-Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus.

The books can be navigated in several different way from the index system which can be search by various methods and filters. The world map, where you can click on a pin and see all the dinosaurs discovered in that area. Once you select a dinosaur, the profile is shown it contains Physical stats (height, weight), Diet, Family/Class and time period. There is often a lot of description and this can be helpfully cut and paste out of the application if you are doing a project.

Each profile also has photos, but these can vary greatly in number and quality.

The application would seem to be much better value than if you purchased a real world version, especially due to the huge number of photos and information. The extended entries are the best, and I wished there could have been more.

The iPhone version despite the smaller screen has the same information and is surprisingly good managing to match the experience of the iPad version.

There is even a quiz buit in to help test your knowledge of dinosaurs.

This book is a excellent book for older kids and adults interested in dinosaurs.

On the upside:

  • Great user interface with several options for navigation
  • Good filtering of the dinosaurs (alphabetical (searchable), map, size, weight, period, food) 
  • Some excellent photos.
  • A few of the dinosaurs have extended content (x-ray, size comparison etc)

On the downside:

  • Some of the dinosaurs are not well covered (one photo and small amounts of data)
  • A few of the photos are a little blurry.
  • I wish the map could have been zoomable, especially when trying to select western europe.

Overall, this is a very good application if you like dinosaurs and are interested in facts and figures about them then this is a great app. If you are a real fan of dinosaurs you may have much of this information from other sources, but having it all together in one application is excellent. I think this is aimed at older kids and adults, as it is a little “dry” for younger kids. If in doubt on whether to buy there is a lite version you can look at.

Rating: 79%

Size: 80 MB [iPhone] / 98.1 MB [iPad]

Price (at time of review): £1.49 [iPhone] / £2.99 [iPad]

Link: iDinobook: Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs for iPhone – Alberto Polo Roldán / iDinobook: Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs for iPad – Alberto Polo Roldán

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