18 Jul

A few days ago we reported on the death of the 59p app as Apple adjusted their international pricing.

While this is fair in some ways, it has also made higher price applications much more expensive. The pricing seems a little unclear in places with prices shifting by not 10p, but 20p or 30p in the pound. So £1.19 apps jumped 30p up to £1.49, a much bigger price than the exchange rate and taxes.

The £1.19 was basically the $1.99 app in the US. Exchange rate around £1.25 plus additional tax maybe 3p or 4p, so £1.29 would have been fair.

The biggest issues that has been raised by these changes is not on the App Store, but the Mac App Store.


Because Apples pricing is now a fair bit higher than buying the item direct from the developers on their own websites. Unlike the App Store, Mac App Stores software is sometimes available on the developers websites.

Some Examples.

  • Scrivener – £29.59 from the developer and £31.99 from Apple – Saving of £2.40 by buying direct.
  • OmniFocus – £49.99 from the developer and £54.99 from Apple – Saving of £5 by buying direct.

With many applications now being sold direct on the Mac App Store this is not going to be much of an issue for many, but it may be worthwhile shopping around before you hit that buy button.

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