9MM [IOS] – REVIEW (81%)

17 Jul

9mm is an mix of action adventure and reaction tests released by Gameloft.

This game puts you into the shoes of John “Loose” Cannon a leader of a special team of hardened cops who are trying to clean up the streets. However, after a drug bust Kannon finding himself in big trouble with a drug lord, and neither are going to fight legally.

On the story line I have to make a point, we do not know Kannon, and the first thing we see him do is sell drug money to help fight crime. I would have liked to have seen this later in the game, after Kannon is being pushed to fight dirty to help other.

The game offers a single player campaign, this contains 12 levels of story. 

The campaign missions are very linear with really only one route to complete the area.

After playing for the game for about two hours I had found I had nearly finished the campaign, and really disliked the Kannon character. There is next to nothing to like about the character, he is the dark hero character, but I found myself annoying. In game all you really hear him say is his catchphase “Cannons for Kannon.” continually. 

The Multiplayer side is really the mainstay of the game. With both online and local games (bluetooth or Wi-Fi)options. You can create your own game options or you can join a game that other people have set up, the options are a little limited. The multi-player needs better balancing as you can be matched at level 1 against a heavily armed and armoured level 50 and some camping of spawn spots. Another thing is that although you get coins during the game, they can be purchased for real cash to. So if you are willing to splash so real cash you can enter the online mode with some of the best equipment going.

The default game controls are split into two. The main game enigine with you having a virtual joystick to move and then you use your finger to move the view (and target enemies) with onscreen buttons to fire, switching weapons and the “Bullet Time”. The other are the QuickTime events (Shenmue for Dreamcast was the first big name title to use this) where you have to tap or swipe of word / icons that appear at random locations on the screen, needing to do them in time, or have to retry again from the last checkpoint.

The graphics and sound are generally very good. Some of the character graphics look a bit deformed, but these are normally from the close ups.

On the upside:

  • Good FPS action
  • Lag Free online gaming

On the downside:

  • The “QuickTime” actions come far to often for me.
  • Campaign is short (around 3 hours to finish)
  • Controls need a few tweaks.
  • Minor Bugs

Overall, this game is good, but the campaign side of it disappoints. I am not a big fan of “quicktime” tests, and a large part of the campaign is made up of them, I found it worst when the two modes were mixed. The multi-player gives additional life to the game but tweaks are needed to this (balancing levels and camping). If you like the limited gameplay then you will enjoy this game, but I prefer Gamelofts other titles like Gangstar: Miami Vindication or Modern Combat.

Rating: 81%

Size: 720 MB (1.4GB when installed)

Price (at time of review): £4.99

Link: 9mm – Gameloft


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