16 Jul

Sparkle HD is a puzzle action game released by10tons Ltd.

No one travels without worries in Crowberry Woods anymore! Vast blackness has blanketed the once beautiful forest. Only small sparkles of light trickle through the all consuming darkness. In Sparkle you use your orb slinger to shatter the orbs of darkness before they release their destructive powers.

If you have played Zuma or Luxor in the past you will have an idea how this game works.

In Sparkle HD you have three different game modes to select from:

  • Quest Mode – The campaign of the game with multiple paths to follow.
  • Play Challenge – Time trials on unlocked areas.
  • Play Survival – An endless wave of balls to destroy. 

The basics of the game, are your are presented with an area that has a pathway to an exit. Your sling shot will “generally” appear in the middle of this play area. Then coloured balls begin to roll down the pathway towards the darkness at the end. If you do not destroy the balls before they enter the darkness the level you lose a life. If you destroy all the balls, you move onto the next area.

There are lots of power ups along the ways, like colour changes, frost bolts, slow downs, reverse the balls etc. You will also collect Amulets on the way, one of which can be worn at one time. These amulets give a power that will aid in completing the area. 

The game is controlled by tapping your finger on the screen in the direction you wish to sling shot the ball at. I found it best to touch on the path you are aiming at to make this more accurate.

The graphics and sound are very good. There is some beautiful and relaxing music in the game.

On the upside:

  • Bright and Colourful
  • Fast and Furious puzzle action.

On the downside:

  • Not the most original game.
  • Too Addictive, I need to do some work.

Overall, when I first loaded this game I thought to myself that “This is a Zuma Clone” as I have played the Zuma games several times over the years on various platforms. However, after playing this game for the first hour I realised that similar as it was to Zuma, it was still a game in its own right. The game is great fun, there is lots to do and the amulets add to the game as well. This is a wonderful game for the Touchpad and well worth downloading.

Rating: 84%

Size: 29.2 MB

Price (at time of review): £3.98

Link: Sparkle HD – 10tons Ltd

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