14 Jul

As you may have noticed if you have used the App store today a lot of Apps that were £0.59 are now £0.69 today?

“Why?” and “Unfair.” I hear you cry. Yes, we now need to pay more for applications in the UK.

Apple have done this is in all countries and not just the U.K., however, we are paying a bit more than we should now.

In fairness with Apple, a £0.59 application should really have costed between £0.62 and £0.65 depending on the exchange rates, so we have had a good deal over the last few months, but Apples love of the “9” at the end a number has meant that they are making a bit more profit out of the UK for a while at least.

Will the 10p raise in price effect the sales of application? Probably very little in the short term, and not at all in the long term. £0.69 is still a good price, and some of the games are really worth a lot more than this. 

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